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Struggling to implement on-the-spot selling because you can't get your hands around your product options and prices?!!  Head over to to see what a difference having a professional window-covering specific tool could make in your business.  Be sure to tell them that I sent you over!

Automation! Simplification! Fun!

Use this Resource Center to find cool tools and tips to help you grow and improve your business.  From our members-only Facebook Community to cutting-edge automated voicemails.  Check out all the ways you can save time and increase the efficiency in your business!



Struggle to Stay on top of things!?

Use Automation and Modern Tools to get ahead!

  • Virtual Calendar

    Do you want to be more efficient with your Calendar?  Using an online tool to help you manage appointments with clients, integrate easily with your own calendar and even send automatic follow up emails and reminders is really powerful.  Check out these options: TimeTrade Schedule Once Calendly


  • Email Marketing and Automation

    Being able to stay in touch with you Clients, you prospects and even you “no’s and no show’s” is a super powerful way to become a front-of-the-mind option when the need or desire for your products arises.  To do that effectively, you need a tool that makes it really easy to manage your email list and mail them consistently.  Here are a few great options you can consider: ActiveCampaign Mailchimp AWeber and InfusionSoft –> both GREAT options, but they are a bit pricy and tech-intensive.  Not my recommendation if you’re just getting started.


  • Paperless Contracts

    Do you have contracts that your customers need to sign before you begin working with them?  How about work agreements with your independent contractors or installers?  Make your life simpler and save on printing and storage costs by going virtual!!!  You can use any of these tools to create a paperless working environment: Adobe Echosign Docusign


  • CRM

    Knowing exactly where your leads, prospects and customers are in the sales cycle is critical to running a great business.  There are simple and sophisticated ways to do it and the best thing you can do, if you’re not using a CRM right now, is just to get started! Capsule Highrise 17Hats


  • Automated Voicemail

    If you want to confirm all of your appointments the day of but don’t want to bog down your office staff with endless phone calls, or pester your prospects with invasive calls, head over to  SlyBroad sends custom pre-recorded voicemails directly to your contact voicemail inbox at exactly the time you specify. The messages skip over the “call” and go directly to the voicemail so that your prospect can get your message without being disturbed and your office staff can free up more time without sacrificing the personal touch that your clients deserve.

    Use my 5 step process, below, to get started.

    1. Sign up for SlyBroadcast
    2. Record a generic message (you can have the owner, the sales person or your administrative resource to record the message) but it should be generic enough to be used over and over again without having to re-record it each time.[EXAMPLE: Hi! This is ____ from ____.  Sorry I missed you!  Just calling to remind you that we will be coming to your home today for your Design Consultation.  Be sure to check your email for our Appointment Affirmation. It has some great resources and covers all of the details!  We are really looking forward to working with you today!  See you soon! Thanks!]
    3. Name the message something that makes it easy to spot and use.
    4. Get MOBILE phone numbers when you set appointments (SlyBroadcast technology works best on Mobile)!
    5. Add an end-of-the-day task to your admin staff list and, before the close of each business day, have them go to SlyBroadcast and set up the calls to go out first thing in the morning to all of your appointments for the following day.

    If you REALLY want to leverage this tool, you can set up calls throughout the project AND can even use it as a way to contact ALL past buyers with marketing messages.  Just be careful not to wear out your welcome in their voicemail inbox!



Manage Email Like a Pro!

Quick tips and tools to declutter and improve your email inbox.

  • Clean up the Clutter

    Is email bogging you down!??  Take control of your inbox again with a simple tool that can unsubscribe you from unwanted emails and create a daily summary of interesting emails/newsletters without flooding your inbox or driving you crazy!

  • Email Tips

    Check out this great little ebook with 151 tips on how to handle email. From actionable subject lines, to impactful message and even handling SPAM and proofreading, use this guide to get ideas on how to make your email inbox work better for you.


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