Discover the growth secrets of the best in our industry!

FastTrack Sales Systems is for you if...

  • Want to make more money and close more sales with the leads you already have in your hands without spending one more dime on your marketing
  • Want a head-and-shoulders advantage over even your toughest competitors.
  • Have been looking for the proven step-by-step systems used by the best in our industry to create massive success.
  • Are tired of going it alone or of working with trial-and-error methodologies.
  • Want a systematic approach to training your sales team and gearing them up for success.

What will you get when you join?

Training Content + Live Coaching Support = SUCCESS!!

  • 6 LIVE Group Training Calls with Madeleine MacRae who will lead you through the exclusive steps of the FastTrack Sales Systems that are creating DOUBLE-DIGIT growth for Dealers in our industry!
  • Open Q&A and content customization on-the-spot for you during every call!
  • Over a dozen worksheets and supporting documents to help you implement everything you're learning!
  • Full recordings of EVERY training sent right to your inbox
  • Portal-login to give you all of the recordings, resources and tools in one easy place where you can access them forever!
  • Lifetime access to our members-only Facebook Community

Our 6-module Sales Bootcamp Curriculum will transform your results more and more as we learn:

  • 1

    Owning Your Own Value

    Learn how to differentiate yourself from your competitors by high-lighting your own unique value. Stop playing the pricing game and be the pro you know you are!

  • 2

    Appointment Affirmations

    Capitalize on the excitement and momentum of your leads and create a WOW factor with a highly professionalized Appointment-reminder-on-steriods that takes advantage of modern marketing in easy but powerful ways.

  • 3

    Catapult Your Credibility

    Jumping off from your Video Introduction, you're going to want to be totally prepared to win in your Appointment. By being ready to sell on the spot, having objections handled before you even step foot in the door and by using the powerful Say-Do-Remind technique, you'll be ready to walk in the door with tons of credibility.

  • 4

    Build Your Bonuses

    Have you ever heard the phrase, "giving the farm away for free"? In our industry, discounting is common practice. In this call, we focus in on finding value where you might be "giving it away for free". We also look deeply at how you can take the repeat and referral business that is so often our major lead source and, with one simple tweak, make it into a consistent, trackable part of your business that you never again need to guess and wonder about.

  • 5

    5 C's to Appointments that Close

    Structure gives you freedom and I'm all about creating freedom for my clients, so in this call we look at a consistent format you can use as the building blocks for your sales appointments. Forgetting one small part can often lead to a missed sale or a lukewarm response to your solution. Natural ability will get you far, but adding in a system will get you the secure results you crave. This is also the perfect upgrade for a team that's grown up simply on "what works".

  • 6

    The 3 R's

    Ratings. Reviews. Referrals.
    These are the modern and traditional flagpoles of our business success. Knowing how to get them, how to leverage them and how to make it easiest for your clients will put you another head and shoulders above your competitors!


Hear what our satisfied members have to say about FastTrack...

Jami Leiker

I love my business!  It’s my passion and has been a huge success for me for over 15 years.  Earlier this year, due to a location change and some family emergencies, I was thinking about closing my business.  I would have closed it if not for FastTrack.  FastTrack helped me stay on track, stay motivated and move forward towards my bigger goals.  Sometimes life gets in the way, but I know I have huge potential and this program is helping me develop that potential more and more.  It’s every bit worth the investment.”

Jami Leiker In Style Blinds
Darla Zorn

”The tools and training offered through FastTrack have allowed us to put systems in place that help us work smarter, not harder.  While the modules are set, Madeleine understands that this is not a cookie-cutter program and helps us adapt to our individual business models and area market. Great program!”  

Darla Zorn Express Blinds of Knoxville
Roger Yurkowski

“I’ve had my business since 1997 but was time to ramp up my results.  I’ve never had a website and wanted to stop just running my business through luck.  It was time for bigger results!  That’s why I chose FastTrack and it’s been just what I needed.”

Roger Yurkowski Brite N Easy Blinds

With FastTrack, the coaching calls inspire me to take action and implement some of the new things I’ve learnt.  On-the-spot selling was one of them.  I decided to test it out and I never thought that it would increase my average sale, but it did.  By 37.5% and I’m just getting started with it!  I’m going to keep on working on implementing it!

Jenny Gillespie Sheer Illusions

The main reason I joined the FastTrack was to be a part of a community of people doing the same thing, learning and encouraging each other. Madeleine has facilitated this well. When I see others’ success it motivates me to do the same. When it comes to social media I am a total caveman, heck I’m not even on my family’s Facebook. This group has changed that for me. I find the modules and the weekly calls informative and helpful. Would I do it again?  Yes!

Jerry The Blind Spot

We Guarantee your Success!

If you're showing up to the calls, implementing what we're teaching and STILL NOT SEEING RESULTS...  We will get on the phone with you one-on-one to help you get going in the right direction.  If that still doesn't work, you can have your money back, in full, no more questions asked!!!

The average sale in this industry runs from $1,500-5,000.  With just one or two more sale that you would not have otherwise gotten, you cover the cost of your investment and then some!

We know this system works.  Join us and see the results for yourself!


Not sure if this BootCamp is right for you? Contact us at or 610-322-9066 with any questions!