Land more Appointments

Introduction: Landing More Appointments

The critical decision to qualify your prospect or to meet with everyone...

Perfect for: Owners, Managers

Be Persistent

How YOU are the key to growing the business and what you can do to take action, respond and follow up with leads while they are HOT.

Perfect for: Sales Team and any other roles that need to follow up with customers.

Mandatory for: anyone responsible for setting up Customer Appointments.

Be Prepared

Getting in the right mindset and having the right words to use make for a winning combination when you’re setting Appointments. Learn how to use a "script" for your Appointment Setting calls to put you on the mark every time!

Perfect for:  anyone setting customer appointments

  • Benefits Worksheet
    Benefits Worksheet

    Simple tool that can help you re-program your brain to SEE the benefits and the VALUE of the work that you are doing!

Be Credible

Shortcut your way to TRUST with this simple credibility hack.

Perfect for:  Sales Team and any other roles that are customer-facing.


Voicemail Tips

Quick guide for effective Voicemails.

Perfect for:  Admin or back-office team

  • Voicemail Planner
    Voicemail Planner

    Use this tool to help you be prepared any time you need to leave a prospect or a referral a voicemail!


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