Group Coaching Call: On the spot selling

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We are going to be covering content that spans all of our modules and are going to zero in on On-The-Spot-Selling.  This is the technique that creates a moment of decisive action for your client and will save you TONS of time in administration.  Don’t miss this call if you’re:

  • sick of teeing the ball up for your competitors
  • worried that you might feel pushy or salesy if you sell on the spot
  • needing some clear direction on how you can make on the spot selling happen in your business

There is no EXACT or specific video to watch for this segment, but the following videos support this content and are good to review at this point:

  1. From Module 1: Clear Expectations, 2nd video: clear expectations – the appointment
  2. From Module 4: Listen & Lean In: Learning to Love the No

NOTE: these calls are always SUPER Valuable even if you’re not “caught up” with the content in the portal, so be sure to join us!!!