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If your sales are inconsistent, unpredictable, mediocre, stressful or overly time-consuming… it’s probably because you’re Selling without a System. When you have a Clear & Time-Tested Sales System, you know how to prepare, how to present, how to react and exactly what to say… every time. Book more calls, pitch with confidence, close more sales and make more money. That’s the FastTrack Sales System Way.

The FastTrack Sales System is For You If:

You want to close more sales

You’re tired of wasting time sending out quotes and never hearing back. You’re ready to meet more people who show up to your appointment ready to BUY so you can close more sales ON THE SPOT!

You want to make more money

You’re tired of working with leads who beat you up on price. You’re ready to stop selling by "trial-and-error" and start getting consistently great results from an in-home sales system that FEELS POSITIVE, NOT PUSHY.

You’re ready to get your life back

You want to make more sales, but you already feel like you’re working 24/7.  If you could close more, you wouldn’t have to chase more. You want to work with clients who are just like your favorites, and to STOP wasting time chasing leads that don’t buy!

You want a proven, step by step system that WORKS

You’re ready to build your sales team, and create a brand your customers know and love. You want a plug-and-play process that gives you the tools and confidence you need to create predictable, consistent results.

My name is Madeleine MacRae and for over a decade I’ve had first hand experience working closely with the systems, tools and secrets of some of the most successful companies in our industry.

These “industry secrets” don’t need to be a mystery anymore. It’s my personal mission to share the tools and secrets of these top companies with YOU in a plug and play system designed to fit the way that you work.

You’ll discover exactly what it takes to create explosive sales growth, and consistent, predictable results year after year in your business, PLUS you’ll learn how to create a brand that your customers know, love, and REFER over and over again!

Trial and error is costing you more than you might think. Consider all of the lost opportunities, missed sales, wasted time and wasted marketing dollars…

...And we know how exhausting it is to attempt to figure it all out on your own!

That’s why the FastTrack Sales System is built to take what you’re already doing well, and give you the systems, structure and support you need to launch your business to the next level.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like:

  • To have a top-notch sales system that works every time.
  • To have more customers who show up to your appointments READY TO BUY.
  • To have the confidence, exact words and ability to close more sales on the spot.
  • To feel sure that you and your team are always 100% mentally and strategically prepared to handle just about any obstacle and objection in a sales appointment.
  • To stop playing the discount game where you give away the store just to land the customer.
  • To receive a steady stream of positive ratings and reviews, so you immediately stand head and shoulders above your competitors, and make it easy for your clients to send you business.
  • Having a sales machine that keeps feeding you qualified leads over and over again!
  • Seeing your calendar booked with repeat business before the month even starts.
  • To have a built-in training tool that makes growing your sales team easier and faster.

Now that you’ve seen what’s possible for you and your business, let me share exactly what’s included in The FastTrack Sales System. 

  • 8 Easy Modules 100% customized to YOUR BUSINESS
  • 8 Live Group Coaching Calls with Certified Coaches who will lead you through the core content, the practical implementation and the individual personalization of each module
  • LIFETIME access to recordings of the Group Coaching Calls
  • 24/7 Digital Access to our digital portal from the moment you join the FastTrack
  • Community of peers who want you to succeed

Specialized Training Content + Live Coaching And Support

= Massive Success

Why our Training Works So Well

We give you all the secrets, tools, and systems you need to explode your business, divided into 8 engaging modules which my certified coaches lead you through in a LIVE, virtual-group setting over the course of 8 weeks.

You can tap into the coaching calls from the comfort of your own space, and each one is designed to give you FAST results, build momentum and keep you accountable from one week to the next.

Being part of a peer group that is learning together is incredibly powerful. You can gain from others’ perspectives, share tips and strategies, reach out for answers and build your network.

PLUS, each of these training modules is 100% customized to YOUR BUSINESS.

No cookie cutter approaches here. The reason this system works is because it’s designed with YOUR needs, YOUR business and YOUR buyers in mind.

PLUS you’ll get access to our digital Portal with over 35 videos and additional content to enrich and your experience.


Module 1 – Master Your Metrics

You’ll get to meet your Bootcamp peers and your certified coach. You’ll learn how and why to track your actual sales results. You’ll also get instant access to our exclusive tool to help you do it! Plus, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the various ways to increase your top-line (sales) results so that you decide, up front, what will make you feel truly successful at the end of this bootcamp.

Module 2 - Own Your Value

You’ll learn how to immediately differentiate yourself from your competitors and highlight YOUR unique value. You’ll never need to play the pricing game again as you gain the confidence, and the language to use that sets your company apart as THE best choice.

Module 3 - The ‘Wow Factor’

You’ve got their attention, now let’s make it COUNT!

You’ll learn how to create momentum with each new appointment by using an appointment reminder on steroids. It gets your prospect excited about your meeting and, by the time they meet you, they’ll know you’re at the top of your field, and they’ll be ready to hear what you have to sell. No more showing up to a home with a homeowner who forgot you were coming and doesn’t even know your name!

Module 4 - Celebrate Objections

Objections aren’t the big bad wolf that we often see them to be, so in this module you’ll learn detailed approaches to handle the most common objections with ease and professionalism. We won’t just be telling you what to do, we’ll pull back the curtain to show you why you’re getting objections in the first place, what they REALLY mean to you and to your prospect and how you can be ready for each and every one.

Module 5 - Build Your Bonuses

This opening sequence is so critical and it’s truly where most sales are lost. You’ll identify the things your customer finds really valuable that you might be giving away for free. You’ll learn how to win the sale by creating MORE value instead of having to discount the price.

You’ll also learn one simple technique that you can use, immediately, to turn repeat business into a zero-cost, trackable, consistent lead source that you never have to worry about running dry.

Module 6 - Openers that Close

Here you’ll get the structure, and 5 key components of any successful sales appointment.

Closing isn’t something that happens at the end of your appointment, it happens right here, in the first few minutes with your prospect. This opening sequence is so critical and its truly where most sales are lost. You will get a deep dive approach into the most essential elements to cover, how to address them and exactly what to say to set yourself up, from the beginning, for a closed sale at the end.

Module 7 - Seal the Deal

Here you’ll revisit the opening sequence and add in the final components our 5Cs Sales Structure. Never again will you walk away from an appointment without a sale because you forgot to ask a simple question or didn’t get far enough down the evaluation route to understand what you client really wanted.

Structure gives you freedom and, in this module, you’ll get the final steps of a repeatable and duplicable sales process that you can teach your ENTIRE TEAM!

Module 8 - The 3 R’s: Ratings, Reviews and Referrals

In the information age, our reviews and ratings are the lifeblood of our future referrals. In this module you’ll actually create a system for getting great reviews, learn how to leverage them, and how to make it easy for your clients to leave you rave reviews. Although this is the final module, we will leave you with one final tool to help you continue to up-level your game even after we are complete!

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Sounds like a lot of content, right? It sure is, but content alone won’t get you the results you came here for.

That’s why when you invest in The FastTrack Sales System you’ll also get the LIVE COACHING and SUPPORT to make sure you understand how it all applies to YOU, so nothing stops you to actually implement what you learn.

Inspirational Stories

Hear the success stories of our FastTracker alumni in their own words

I’ve packed 13+ years of experience and industry secrets into this program, but I know you’re probably wondering about a few things like:

Q. What if I have questions during the training?

A. We’ve got you covered! When you show up live for each training call, you’ll have the chance to ask questions live, in an interactive format.

Q. What if something comes up that’s unique and specific to MY business?

A. GREAT NEWS! While each module is based on a proven system and designed with your industry in mind, we will customize the training ON THE SPOT, so if there’s something unique you need help with, we can address it LIVE during the training call.

Q. What if I’m already really good at closing?

A. Even the most seasoned sales consultants with 30+ years of experience have gotten value from this program. When you’re a master of your craft, you will be zeroed in on the tiny tweaks that can give you the slight advantage in the field.

Plus, if you’re an owner-operator, your own efforts can only take you so far. If you want to grow, you will have to train “the new guy” how to replicate your results, so having access to this system could very well be the key to your future success!

Q. I’m usually pretty busy out in the field. What if I can’t make all of the live trainings?

A. NO PROBLEM! We will send the recordings of each training call directly to your inbox! (This is also a great way to share the trainings with your entire team!)

PLUS you’ll get lifetime access to the training portal, so you and your team can log on as often as you wish, 24/7/365. I want this to work for you, so I’m committed to making sure the materials are ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

Q. What if I’m just getting started?

A.  This program will give you a solid foundation to help you build your sales results. And, with the unlimited access to the recordings, you can use it over and over as you grow!

Q. How much is this going to cost?

A. Naturally, I know you’re wondering about this, and if you scroll to the bottom of this page, you’ll be able to see your answer….

But first I’d like to challenge you to think of this as an investment, rather than a cost.

The average sale in our industry is between $1500 and $3500. If you made just 1 or 2 additional sales as a result of the tools and training, you’ll more than cover the amount of your investment. But remember, you will be using these skills over and over to continue reaping the rewards of your investment for a lifetime.

Q. What else will I get with this program?

A. Besides the 8 LIVE training calls and all recordings, you’ll get a workbook that will be your own personalized reference guide, over a dozen worksheets, templates, and other supporting documents to make sure you implement the systems, track your activities, and measure your RESULTS!

Bonus #1: Better Booking:
How to Land More Appointments From Your Inbound Leads

Live Kick-Off Training with Madeleine

While most businesses clamor to get more leads, what they do with those leads is often a bigger problem than attracting the leads themselves.

After spending countless dollars and hours on branding and marketing and advertising, most businesses drop the ball on actually getting those leads to convert into appointments.  

In this training, you will learn how to:

  • Increase your lead-to-prospect conversion rate;
  • Develop an effective appointment setting strategy;
  • Crack the code on the perfect time to call leads back.

The appointment is the heartbeat of the business and getting more appointments from the leads that you already have flowing into your business is the most essential step in making more money from those leads.

Bonus #2: How to Create More Leads:
The 3M's for Marketing Success

Live wrap-up call with Madeleine

Getting new leads is the primary focus of marketing and advertising strategies. What I’ve seen repeated among businesses selling in-home is that they bark up the wrong trees. Most businesses spend time and money and effort on non-producing advertising campaigns, but, even more detrimental to their success, they talk about the wrong things.

During this training you will learn how to:

  • Identify your ideal client
  • Discover messaging inside of your FastTrack work that resonates with your ideal clients and makes them raise their hand to work with you
  • Leverage the 3M's of marketing: messaging, methods and metrics


What if it doesn’t work?

I’m so sure that this system works that if you enroll in the course and can show us you’ve attended all the trainings, and have implemented the system and have seen no change in your business, I’ll give you 100% of your investment back.

That’s right. I guarantee your results if you follow our training!

YES! I’m ready to make MORE money, close MORE of the leads I already have, and create MORE satisfied repeat and referral customers!

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“I’ve had my business since 1997 but was time to ramp up my results.  I’ve never had a website and wanted to stop just running my business through luck.  It was time for bigger results!  That’s why I chose FastTrack and it’s been just what I needed.”

Roger Yurkowski
Brite N Easy Blinds

So at this point, you have 3 options:

  • 1

    You can keep doing what you’re doing and let your competitors catch up or outpace you. Remember, there’s no such thing as standing still if you aren’t growing - you are shrinking. I want to help you ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

  • 2

    You can keep working harder each year, and continue to NOT see the results you crave. (That’s pretty depressing, isn’t it?! Not super inspiring!) I want to help you maximize the leads you have and work more effectively overall, to get GREAT results with SYSTEMS so you don’t have to work that hard.


  • 3

    You can join us in the FastTrack Sales Program and GUARANTEE your success! Show up for the trainings, do the work, follow our system, and experience real growth and freedom in your business!

I’m ready. Are you?

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Still have questions?

Ask any question about registering for the FastTrack Sales System and we’ll help you get clear so you can make a solid decision and move forward from there.

You are very important to us. Once you submit your question, a knowledgeable member of our team will reply to you personally to provide answers about our program.