Group Coaching Calls

Open Q&A Calls are designed to allow you to learn from others' questions and to provide one-on-one coaching for anything that comes up in your business between calls.

Coaching calls are scheduled on Wednesday 3PM EST. During Group Coaching Calls, we will talk about one element of the content and will open the line for all questions!  It's your opportunity to get information, clarification, implementation support or simply to share wins and/or challenges with your coach and your peers, so come prepared to ask your questions!

Call recordings will be posted at the bottom of this page within 24 hours!


Find all of your Administrative details, below!

Call Details and Call-In Information

An email reminder with call-in details and the “Spotlight Request” form will be sent to your email the day before our call.

However, if you would like to program them into your phone/calendar, the call-in details for our group coaching calls are as follows:

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100 Local Numbers:
Pin Code: 273793#
Web call:

These call will be audio only.


Each member company is welcome to invite as many participants to our Group Coaching Calls as they would like. However, we ask that you determine who is going to speak for your company and only have that single voice representing your team so that each member of the Group has an equal “voice” on the call regardless of the number of participants.

Be sure to invite anyone in your company to the call who has questions on implementation!

Unable to Attend Live?

If you have a topic/question that you want to be sure gets discussed during the call, we strongly encourage you to fill out our “Spotlight Request” form by clicking on this link the day before our call. If someone in your team is struggling with any element of the program, invite them to join the call.

Call Recordings

Click on the audio file below to hear the recording of the call.

Orientation Call Replay 5/18/16

  • Overview of the features of the course and how to use the Portal
  • Summary of the 6-week content plan
  • Group Coaching call plan, participation and recordings

LIVE Q&A Call Replay 5/25/16

  • Accelerating your goals through the "who"
  • Bringing focus to your goals through Celebration and Milestones
  • Leading through Listening / Adapting / Letting others win

LIVE Q&A Call Replay 6/01/16

  • We covered Bonuses and Limiters
  • How to use a "Service Bonus" to get back in front of your loyal clients during off season.
  • How to use a "marketing bonus" to create big value for your business

LIVE Q&A Call Replay 6/08/16

  • We covered the Appointment Affirmation
  • WHY you should use a Video Introduction: wow factor, trust, ease!
  • How to create your own Video Introduction: scripting the video

LIVE Q&A Call Replay 6/15/16

  • We talked about how you can set your appointments more effectively --> More at bats, more possible hits!
  • To qualify or not to qualify
  • Building Credibility with my signature Credibility hack: Say. Do. Remind.
  • "Have you considered doing this project before" or "How long have you been considering doing this project"

LIVE Q&A Call Replay 6/29/16

  • We talked about on-the-spot selling: Why do it, what it takes AND what's at risk when you don't!
  • Handling objections with your best success stories
  • The power of selling off of people's pain versus focusing on price

LIVE Q&A Call Replay 7/7/16 -- FINAL CALL

  • We talked about Installer Sales Secrets: Why does it matter, what it takes and what you're missing by NOT doing it.
  • Shifting from hardcopy testimonials to online ratings and reviews: one easy idea to make it happen!
  • The Video Intro: the steps and how you can get your team to engage and DO IT!!!!!!!!
  • My cool parting gift:

Scripting your Video Introduction!

  • The Appointment Affirmation: VIDEO Introduction
  • How to catapult your credibility with the video introduction
  • Script your now!!!

If you have any questions along the way you can reach us at: