Installer Sales Secrets

Introduction: Setting the Stage

Why adjusting the work of your installers will lead you to more success: Ratings, reviews, referrals and a repeatable sales cycle.

Perfect for: Owners, Managers

Tech, Tips and Tools

Leveraging tools like Tablets and key marketing pieces will make this module work even more for you!  Plus, how online tools like this checklist can improve your process, your tracking and your results:

Perfect for: Owners / Managers

  • Image Release Sample
    Image Release Sample

    This is a sample Image Release Document that will ensure that you have the RIGHTS to use the photos that you installation team will be taking.
    You can print this and use for your consumers as-is, you can brand it or that you can transform into an online (paperless) document by copying and pasting into an online tool like DocuSign or AdobeAcrobat.

Installers' Segment


The how and why behind shifting your mindset from Professional Installer to Sales Professional AND fresh new tools to make your contribution even more impactful within the business.

From Professional Installer to Sales Professional

What part of the sales skill set you have already and how your business can bank from and on the Credibility factor you have in spades!

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The 3 Rs: Ratings, Reviews and Referrals

We're selling WHAT!??!  WHY get Raving Ratings, Reviews and Referrals in the first place...

Perfect for: Installers

New Processes for Bigger Results

The how and when of integrating these new ideas into your daily routine.

Quality Control Checklist SAMPLE:

Perfect for: Installers


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