Rock Your Appointments: Listen and Lean In

Introduction to Listen and Lean In

In this module we are going dig into how to handle objections, how structure gives you sales and what you can do to turn your no's and no-shows into cash-flow

Perfect for: Sales Teams

Overcoming Objections PT1: Difficult Customers

Expect the unexpected and be prepared to handle unprepared, unkind or unusual prospects

Perfect for: Sales Teams

Overcoming Objections PT2: True Objections

Getting to the heart of the problem and being ready with case-studies decreases the impact of objections

Perfect for: Sales Teams

Structure gives you Sales

We will dig into how having a structure to follow creates more reliable outcomes

Perfect for: Sales Teams

Learning to Love the No

Leveraging your No to reach your Yes: the power of your numbers.

Perfect for: Sales Teams

Making the most of your No’s and No-Shows

Looking at the power that you have to transform your non-buyers into future clients

Perfect for: Sales Teams

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