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Full Course Content Summary

All of the modules for the FastTrack Sales Systems training will be on this page.  Just click the words in the boxes above and you'll be directed to the module you want to access.  The list will expand each week until we get to week 6, at which time the course content will be complete!

You will receive an email reminder for new content, and we suggest that you mark off an hour on your calendar during the release week to watch the videos, work on the worksheets and plan the delegation for your various team members.

Check out the list below to see what's coming up!

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    We are going to kick things off by diving into Goal Setting, Discovering and Loving your Competitive Edge and Creating a Culture of Collaboration in your business

  • 2

    Increase Your Impact

    We are going to focus on Re-working what you ALREADY offer to highlight your value and create desire by Introducing Bonuses and Limiters into your work. We will also look at creating a mini-marketing plan with your Limiters.

  • 3

    Leveraging the Appointment Affirmation

    We are going to get ready to pack a big punch with our new prospects by creating an Appointment Affirmation -- the single best tool to wow your prospects and give you an unfair competitive edge!

  • 4

    Land Your Appointments

    Preparing for the expected so that you can land more appointments over the phone, develop instant trust and likeability with 3 simple steps:
    Be Tenacious
    Be Prepared
    Be Credible

  • 5

    Rock your Appointments!

    We are going to take a fresh look at Handling objections so that we can lead meetings that close. We're also going to learn how to "Love the NO!" and how to create hot prospects from nos and no-shows with email marketing.

  • 6

    Installer Sales Secrets

    In the final module, we are going to explore the art of getting raving Testimonials, Reviews and Referrals!
    We'll also unleash the hidden power of your installation team!

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