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Welcome to the FastTrack!!!!  Please take a few minutes to find out how you will access your content and what you can expect as a member of our community.


Get your Goals on!!!

Putting “pen to paper” with your goals will make you 40% more likely to achieve them and, taking advantage of the group Accountability and Coaching here in this group doubles down on those odds! Get started NOW by clearly defining your goals and assessing your strengths so that we know where best to build: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WelcomePreWork

Having your goals written down will be a huge factor in your success, but consistency, implementation and accountability will be equally as important, so be sure to check out the schedule, below to see what's coming up!

FastTrack Sales Systems Course Schedule

Plug these dates into your calendar to get the greatest benefit from the investment you've made in yourself!

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    The Portal

    On Monday, you will get access to The Portal! It's the exclusive members-only website where all of the content and resources for this course will live. Once you're in, you're in! And you'll have access 24/7 forever!

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    Course Content

    This course is a 6 week course where fresh content will be released to you on a weekly basis beginning on Monday, May 16th. Every week, for the next 6 weeks, the portal will be updated and you'll be emailed a reminder to check out the new content.
    Be sure that you pencil the time into you schedule to watch the videos, work through the worksheets and delegate out the parts you need to your team. The videos are short and easy and should take under an hour each week!

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    Open Q&A Calls

    Learn from your peers and get individualized business coaching to help you understand the content more deeply and customize the implementation plan to your exact business needs.
    Calls will be happening every Wednesday at 3pm EST. Join us live for the biggest impact!

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Being an independent business owner can sometimes feel lonely and we need other people doing work similar to ours to bounce ideas off of, to share wins, to move pasts low points...   That's what our Facebook community is all about!!  Finding business owners as committed to their success and business growth as you are!   To join us there, please click here and take a minute to introduce yourself to the group!